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Youth Convention

Youth Convention Youth conventions are arranged every year at the premises of Ramakrishna Math Barasat to spread the message of Swami Vivekananda and enlighten the youth-delegates, namely school-college-university students with the ideals of Swamiji.Youth convention at Ramakrishna Math Barasat has also been arranged to celebrate Sister Nivedita’s birth- centenary Usually it happens to be a…


Dharma Sabha

Devotees eagerly wait for the Dharma Sabha held at the premise of Ramakrishna Math, Barasat each year during the annual celebration of the Math which happens to be from the day of Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi’s Birth Anniversary and continues till the day of the Birth Anniversary of Mahapurush Maharaj.


Kali Puja

Kalipuja is celebrated in Ramakrishna Math , Barasat like many other centres of Ramakrishna Math and Mission. As one enters the main temple of the Ramakrishna Math , Barasat one can see in the outer sanctorium of the temple is situated the ‘Panchamundi Asan’ of Sri Ramkanai Ghoshal, the father of…


Durga Puja

Sri Sri Durga Puja at Ramakrishna Math Barasat Sri Ramakrishna used to say: ”To look upon God as Mother is the purest and the highest form of Sadhana” (Matribhav shuddha bhav, sadhanar shesh katha). Why did he say that? Because Mother’s love is the most unselfish and unconditional form of human love. For a child,…


Swami Shivananda Tithi Puja

Mahapurush Maharaj, Swami Shivananda’s tithipuja is observed ceremoniously at the Krishna Ekadashi tithi of the Bengali month of Agrahayan at Ramakrishna Math, Barasat with Special Worship and other spiritual observations.


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