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Charitable Dispensary:

Ramakrishna Math, Barasat runs a Charitable Dispensary with departments of i) Allopathic, ii) Homeopathy, iii) Ayurvedic, iv) Physiotherapy with the specialist doctors in i) Medicine, ii) Gynecology, iii) Eye, iv) Orthopedic, v) Audiology, vi) Dental etc. with free medicine and other cost as far as possible. Here 1) Pathology 2) ECG, 3) X- ray and 4) Ultrasonography tests are supplied with very lower rate and sometimes free of cost for the wretched people and in the last year i.e. 2021-22, the number of total patients was more than 51687 (fifty one thousand six hundred & eighty seven). Medical treatments are catered also in the distant places twice a week with its Mobile-Unit.

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