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Our Inspirations

Shree Ramakrishna Dev

Shree Ramakrishna (1836 – 1886):- Shree Ramakrishna, the sun among the stars of prophets who himself forecast in his life time that he would be worshipped as God at home to home in future took birth on 17th February 1836 at the village Kamarpukur about sixty miles away from Kolkata, the then Capital of India.…

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Shree Maa Sarada Devi

Shree Maa Sarada Devi (1853 – 1920):- Shree Maa Sararada Devi, the divine companion of Shree Ramakrishna who herself told him that she had come to assist his desired path, took birth on 22nd December 1853 at a remote village Jayrambati about sixty five miles away from Kolkata and it was a nearby village of…

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Shreemat Swami Vivekananda

Shreemat Swami Vivekananda (1863 – 1902):- Narendranath Dutta, later known as Swami Vivekananda about whom Shree Ramakrishna, his spiritual teacher used to tell that he was one of the seven great ancient sages, was born in Kolkata on 12th January 1863. His father was Viswanath Dutta, a renowned attorney and mother was Bhuvaneswari Devi, a…

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Shreemat Swami Shivananda – Mahapurush Maharaj

Shreemat Swami Shivananda – Mahapurush Maharaj (1854 – 1934):- Swami Shivananda, previously known as Tarak Nath Ghosal was born at Barasat in the District of present North 24 Parganas of West Bengal on 16th December 1854. His father was Ramkanai Ghosal, a great Tantrik Sadhaka i.e. worshiper of Divine Mother following complex and difficult rituals.…

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