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Shree Maa Sarada Devi (1853 – 1920):-

Shree Maa Sararada Devi, the divine companion of Shree Ramakrishna who herself told him that she had come to assist his desired path, took birth on 22nd December 1853 at a remote village Jayrambati about sixty five miles away from Kolkata and it was a nearby village of Kamarpukur, birthplace of Shree Ramakrishna. Her birth was also divine like Shree Ramakrishna. Once her mother Shyamasundari Devi had vision at a lonely place that a sweet little girl wearing a red silk cloth came down and embracing her neck told her that She was coming to her home, thenceforth Shyamasundari Devi was feeling that that girl had entered her womb and in due course Sarada Devi took birth. Her father’s name was Ramchandra Mukhopadhyay, a simple pious Brahmin.  She was the eldest among their seven sisters and brothers.

            Shree Ramakrishna used to tell that Shree Sarada Devi was an embodiment of Devi Saraswati and she had come to distribute knowledge in the world and he further told that she had come to teach the world about the motherhood. Practically the world has never seen before such an all-embracing motherhood. She was a living form of motherhood come out from the churning of the hearts of all mothers of the universe. The world had conception about the universal mother like Durga, Kali from the mythology but it found an universal mother in flesh and blood first time in the history in her. Anyone irrespective of any caste, creed and colour came in contact with her was charmed with the genuine motherly affection from her and feeling of most of them was that she was much more than their worldly mother. 

Once when she was only a very little girl of aged about eleven years, a famine broke up at her native village, a large number of people had no food day after day. Her father somehow arranged for some cooked food for the unfortunate people.They were not able to wait for little cooling of the hot cooked food due to their thrills of hunger but taking of very hot food was also difficult. Seeing the embarrassed condition of the wretched people, the blooming motherhood of little Sarada pushed forward her to do fanning the food with her little hands for giving a little relief from their trouble. She was not only an ideal mother but she was an ideal wife, sister and daughter also. She was married with Shree Ramakrishna at her five years of age according to the custom then prevailed. Shree Ramakrishna used to stay at Dakshineswar near Kolkata and he used to come Kamarpukur occasionally. 

When Thakur came to Kamarpukur , he taught Shree Sarada Devi all the pros and cons of house-hold life to make her fit for worldly life and taught her about spiritual life with great affection to make her life blissful and fruitful. Always Sarada was in divine blissful state getting the genuine love of her husband, Shree Ramakrishna. At her age of eighteen years rumor came to Jayrambati that Shree Ramakrishna became mad then she felt much pain in her heart and came to Dakshineswar with great difficulty to serve her husband. Soon she understood that the rumor was not true, he was the same divine lover like before. He began to teach her like before with great reverence being alert about her great potentiality. Shree Ramakrishna had so much reverence that he formally worshipped her as Divine-Mother. Shree Ramakrishna Left his mortal body on 16th August 1886.

To reduce the pain of separation from her life-deity, Sarada Devi went to different pilgrimages with the help of few devotees and after that her deep austere life began at Kamarpukur and Jayrambati without food and cloth.  But she used to stay in deep thinking of Shree Ramakrishna. She never asked for anything to anyone but she was depended upon God only. During the last part of life-time of Shree Ramakrishna, a group of sincere house-hold devotees and a group of young men, highly energetic and sincere to their core of hearts to depute their lives for their own supreme knowledge and well-being of others gathered round him. 

He trained them all to achieve one’s own supreme knowledge and to do well-being of the world.

Swami Vivekananda was the leader of later group who took the vow of Sannyasa and gave a shape of Monastic-Order to fulfill their Master’s will.

Though Sarada Devi was nobody of the Order officially but every member of the Order took refuge to her at their critical moment and her decision was the final word to them. She was the spiritual teacher of thousands of people.

Once Shree Ramakrishna told her that she had to do much more than him for the well-being of people and his voice became literally true. She was the Holy-Mother to all the followers and admirers of Shree Ramakrishna. Companion of no other incarnation did so much to support her husband’s mission like her.

Once she told Shree Ramakrishna that she had come to support his mission and that also came to literally true. At last she left her mortal body on 21st July 1920 keeping the Shree Ramakrishna’s Order on strong foundation of love and a strong example of Universal Mother.

Few teachings of Shree Maa Sarada Devi are as follows:-

  1. Is the name of Master a trifle? Those who have come here and are thinking of the Master will certainly see their Chosen Ideal one day. If they are not able to do so during their life time, they will at least have His vision at last moment before their death.
  2. The grace of God is the thing that is needful. One should pray for the grace of God.
  3. The easiest and best way of solving the problems of life is to take the name of God, of Shree Ramakrishna, in silence.
  4. Spiritual practice means to keep the mind steady in His lotus feet and to be absorbed in His thoughts.
  5. What else does one obtain by the realization of God? Does he grow two horns? No, his mind becomes pure and through a pure mind one attains knowledge and awakening.
  6. As death is always certain, one should carry out pious intentions whenever he felt, without waiting for a particular time. Death does not make any distinction of time.
  7. No one can suffer all the time. No one will spend all his day on the earth in suffering. Every action brings its own result, and one gets weal or woe accordingly.
  8. He who is really anxious to cross the ocean of the world will somehow break his bonds. No one can entangle him.
  9. Know that the service to your mother is your highest duty. But it is different matters if she stands in the way of your spiritual progress.
  10. My child, if you want peace don’t find guilt of others, try to find guilt of yourself. Try to make the world your own. Nobody is unrelated to you; everybody is of your own.

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